The Goddaughter 2 (1992)

Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Starring: Cameo, Taylor Wayne, Joey Silvera, Dominique, Ron Jeremy, Alexandra Quinn, Devon Shire, Steve Drake, Derek Lane, Mickey Ray, Fred Lincoln, Marc Wallice, Randy West.
This scintillating sequel picks up where the original left off, continuing its sordid story of mobsters, mayhem and merriment. Cameo stars as the bad girl who’s at the center of it all, planting bugs, double-crossing her friends and working her way to the top with the help of her fabulous figure. Cameo finds happiness in the arms of mob boss Joey Silvera — or is she just using him for his money and power? Meanwhile, busty hired killer Taylor Wayne is busy working her magic on Cameo’s former beau — then rubbing him out in a wild sequence. It’s sex, money and murder galore in this white-hot feature, which was shot on location in Rome to lend an extra level of exotic allure to its gritty gangster tale.

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