The Ghostess With The Mostess (1988)

Director: Alex De Renzy
Starring: Aja, Dana Lynn, Lisa Bright, Eva Allen (as Marlena Bond), Tanya Foxx (as Tanya Fox), Blake Palmer, Joey Silvera, Randy Spears, Tom Byron.
Charlie and his wife (played by luscious Eva Allen) may be dearly departed…but these passionate poltergeists are hardly gone. When an unsuspecting family rents their former home, expect one horny haunting to take place! Sultry Aja is the first to be sexorcized by these amorous apparitions. Soon, Eva has their teenage son’s spinning, while fiery Consuela the maid…is made again and again by Joey Silvera. The spirited sexual couplings are nonstop…until Charlie and Eva turn a stuffy dinner party into an outrageous, gluttonous orgy! It’s an out-of-this-world, erotic ghost story from that lusty master director, Alex De Renzy.

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