The Flintbones (1992)

Director: Mad Dad Dan
Starring: Britt Morgan, Sharon Kane, Trixie Tyler, Lorrin Mick, Devin, Ron Jeremy, Biff Malibu, Tony Tedeschi, Wayne Summers.
Ron Jeremy is Red Flintbone. Sharon Kane is his wife Willing Flintbone. Bernie is played by Tony Tedeschi and his wife, Ready, is played by Lorrin Mick. Their twenty-something kids, Gang Bang is played by Biff Malibu and Pebble is played Trixie Tyler. All roles are played in perfect unison with the more popular cartoon characters. A lot of time and energy went into this production as evidenced by the sets and wardrobe which are all consistent with the television cartoon.
The story revolves around Red getting bonked in the head with a newspaper and turning into a raving sex maniac. Poor, neglected Willing and Ready are both undersexed and have turned to each other for attention, while Pebble and Gang Bang have already begun having sex. Anyways, Red gets himself fired from his job for accosting his boss’s secretary and then goes to Bernie’s house where he initiates sex with his wife. Bernie calls upon their extraterrestrial friend Wazoo, played by Brittany Morgan, to try and make things right again.

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