The Erotic World Of Linda Wong (1985)

Director: Carlos DeSantos
Starring: Linda Wong, Ashley Welles, Billy Dee, Cindy Carver, Jon Martin, Lili Marlene, Mike Horner, Richard Pacheco, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Carol Titian.
The Legend Returns!
Enter the erotic world of Linda Wong as you would enter the legend herself. Not quite knowing what to expect, lust of course, and bizarre sesuality. The unknown. The final twist that takes you into excruciating pleasure. Whether it be with a prince Mike Horner, and his courtesan, Vanessa Taylor. A sweaty encounter with two of her servants Billy Dee and Jon Martin the introduction of the neophyte, Richard Pacheco or the seduction of two young women Cindy Carver and Ashley Wells. Linda Wong is always herself. A woman beyond passion. Sometimes dominant and terrifying. Sometimes so soft that men and women melt in her arms. Always she pushes, pushes you to the edge of your own desire.

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