The Erotic Adventures Of Aladdin X (1993)

AKA: The Erotic Dream Of Aladdin X
Aladdin X
Directors: Luca Damiano, Joe D’Amato
Starring: Julia Chanel, Pussycat, Simona Valli, Christopher Clark, Tabitha Cash, Chris Aguilar.
A tourist (Aladdin) by chance finds a lamp, and when he wipes it, as by magic a Genie appears who offers to Aladdin the possibility of expressing three desires. Thus Aladdin has the chance of living some stupendous emotions and sexual adventures, first with a belly dancer, then with an insatiable nymphomaniac, then with two women, the Genie also allows him to have a fourth wish, that of playing with four women simultaneously. By now Aladdin too has become insatiable, and he wants to make love with 100 women at the same time, but the Genie refuses this last wish of his, and Aladdin suddenly returns to reality, ready to continue his travel on the search for new and exciting experiences.

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