The Devil In Miss Jones 6 (1999)

Starring: Stacy Valentine, Vicca, Nikita, Tina Tyler, Juli Ashton, Anita Cannibal, Paris Bleau, Keri Windsor, Crystal Crawford, Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels, J.J. Michaels, John Strong, Kyle Stone, Michael J. Cox, Randy Spears, Scotty Schwartz, Steve Hatcher.
Old Scratch is back, and he’s showing yet another hot young thing around the inner reaches of the inferno he calls home. Stacy Valentine is Justine Jones, whose boyfriend, Randy Spears has been ignoring her, working obsessively to translate a diabolic incantation. Stacy, in her pique, inadvertently summons to demons from the lower regions — Vicca and Nikita — who cut a swath through L.A. (as if anybody would notice two more demons running around Los Angeles). Justine is then headed for hell, and the fun she has there has to be seen to be believed. The sex here is incendiary from beginning to end, with jaw-dropping performances in the offing from megastars Stacy Valentine and Tina Tyler, as well as those long-stemmed Russian heartthrobs Nikita and Vicca, each of whom set the screen alight here. A treat for the senses and an obvious must-see for fans of the classic series. Erotic highlights include Stacy’s rousing romp with Michael J. Cox, who co-stars here as the Dark One himself.

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