The Devil In Miss Jones 2 (1982)

Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Joanna Storm, Jack Wrangler, Jacqueline Lorians, Anna Ventura, Justine Jones, Sharon Kane, Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Merle Michaels, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Adam DeHaven, Alan Adrian, Ashley Moore, Bobby Astyr, Chuck Vincent, Fred J. Lincoln, George Payne, Kurt Mann, Michael Bruce, R. Bolla.
And now Justine Jones has earned a life of eternal lust on earth. But Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and Justine start to make ammends for 10 years of pure Hell without sex.
But to the Devil’s dismay, he is hopelessly in love with Justine and cannot find a body in which she will remain chaste…until he has a “Devine Inspiration” and gives her the body of a nun! But all Hell breaks loose and “Lucy” is in hot water with the “Boys Upstairs.” It all leads up to one of the most exciting and colorful climaxes in the history of adult history.

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