The Defiance Of Good (1974)

AKA: Defiance
Starring: Jean Jennings, Fred Lincoln, Ashley Renee, Angela Faith.
“Jean Jennings, this year’s challenge to Marilyn Chambers, plays a girl who learns elementary sex and then majors in discipline.” “Defiance” is a ‘Gidget Behind the Green Door’ with ‘Story of O’ overtones.” – Bruce Williamson/Playboy – Defiance is an adult film with whips, chains and bondage. But then, so is ‘The Excorcist’ or “The Night Whispers’, for that matter. If you are into kinkiness, then you will enjoy this film.” “Jean Jennings will be the next Linda Lovelace or Marilyn Chambers.” – Kevin Sanders/WABC-TV – Defiance is not unlike the Story of O. High calibre scripting, fine lensing, and torrid tactile tantrums. A dervish of devil’s brew, not for the squeamish or sensitive. Orchestrated to a fine tuning. The big league technical treatment in this film indicates the new direction porn films are taking. Good acting and fine turn-on footage! – Al Goldstein

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