The Bottom Line (1995)

Director: Charles Rothstein
Starring: J.R. Carrington, Dalny Marga, Dallas D’Amour, Houston, Kerri Downs, Alec Metro, Blake Palmer, Dick Nasty, Nick East, Marc Wallice.
The back biting, the ass kissing, the brown nosing- and that’s only the coffee break!Carol is the no-nonsense boss lady who rules the company with an iron hand, but gives it up for a handsome young janitor in an after hours romp that gives a whole new meaning to the term “Fringe Benefit”. Her secretary finds out that climbing the corporate ladder of “SUCK”-CESS is easy once you learn that it ain’t who you know, it’s who you do. So hold that elevator, we’re going up to get down- and find out what really happens from 9 to 5 in the “BOTTOM LINE”.

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