The Best Of Rambone (1986)

Starring: Rambone, Patti Petite, Kelli Richards, Rachel Ryan, Melissa Melendez.
Although he only appeared in a handful of hardcore features during the 80s, Rambone remains one of the true legends among male porno performers. A well-built stud with a massive and ready-for-action tool, Rambone tended to pop up in only one or two scenes even in movies with his name above the title. This compilation video suffers from no such slight-of-stud. Rambone’s the star of this one through and through, and his feisty female costars couldn’t be happier. This video contains some of Rambone’s most randy and ravenous romps, including a steamy session with busty bad girl Rachel Ryan. Rachel was among the most alluring of starlets during her career, combining gorgeous good looks with a real go-getter’s zeal for her work. Here, she takes on Rambone in one of the sweatiest, most energetic couplings of his on-screen career. Also well worth checking out is Kelli Richards. While not as classically good looking as Ryan, Kelli had a certain something about her that let you know that she meant business. Kelli looked like a sexual predator and lived up to that image with one ravenous romp after another. Her work here opposite our sizable hero ranks among the best stuff on the vid. Whether you’re already a Rambone fan and are looking to relive some of his glory days or are just looking for a collection of some of the 80s hottest talents, this video delivers the goods.

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