The Autobiography Of A Flea (1976)

AKA: Mémoires D’une Puce
Director: Sharon McNight
Starring: Jean Jennings, Annette Haven, John Leslie, John Holmes, Paul Thomas, Joanna Hilden, Ken Scudder, Dale Meador, Artie Mitchell, Michael Dolan, Mitch Mandell.
Truly an all-time classic. A flea, who inhabits the privates of a young girl, narrates the erotic adventures of his budding young virgin hostess. These gorgeous virgins are taught the Golden Rules of Sex by a group of lascivious priests who turn them into sex machines. Based on a 17th century classic of erotic literature this 1976 stunner is a sexual tour-de-force guaranteed to heat up more than the history books! This movie reeks of rip roaring good fun. The film’s gorgeous costumes, lavish sets and atmospheric storyline are offset by a wacky comedic streak that’s sure to cause a smile or two. By turns kinky, funny and explosively erotic, this one ranks among the cornerstones of 70s porn. “100%” — Hustler. “4 Stars” — Oui Magazine.

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