The Art Of Passion (1988)

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Alexa Parks, Gail Sterling, Krista Lane, Sharon Kane, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Scott Irish.
There’s a creative storm brewing at the publisher of a sizzling skin magazine. A writer named Ms. Randall (sultry Krista Lane) is hired to work with a temperamental photographer Devin (John Leslie). More than sparks fly when the two of them collaborate on the hottest photo-shoot you’ll ever see! Publisher Ms. Corsley (Alex Parks) is upset from the conflict. But a fantasy fling with Joey Silvera and some relaxing girl-girl action with model Sharon Kane calms her down fast! Many a torrid tryst unfolds…until the day of the big photo-shoot when uppity Ms. Randall replaces one of the models and gets wild! In the end, The Art of Passion really reaches new heights when everyone gets together for a private celebration that’s, “a-ing masterpiece.”

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