The Adventures Of Tracy Dick – The Case Of The Missing Stiff (1985)

Directors: B. Floriani, Jerome Tanner
Starring: Traci Lords, Tom Byron, Josephine Carrington, Stacey Donovan, Jesse Eastern, Peter North, Jacqueline Brooks, Heather Wayne, Marc Wallice, Tiffany Blake.
Tracy Lords is a detective whom, along with a nerded-out Tom Bryron has to discover the secret of Stacey Donovan’s husband.The humor is as juvenile as Tracy is, the only thing that made me crack a smile was her reading a book called ‘the G Spot’, she of course had a part in the MUCH better “The Grafenberg Spot” of the same year. Plus I just plainly never liked Jesse Eastern, nor Heather Wayne, something about their looks put me off.And some of the close-ups to some of the girls genitals lets you know they’ve been in the industry for a tad too long. All I can say is loose lips sink ships, if you get my drift.


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