The Adventures Of Seymore Butts (1992)

Director: Seymore Butts
Starring: Bionca Trump, Carolyn Monroe, Angela Summers, Lynn LeMay, Tianna Taylor, Mona Lisa, T.T. Boy, Alex Jordan, Sean Michaels, Chick Martino, Seymore Butts, Darla Derriere, Marc Wallice.
You see, its like this… I’ve always had an obsession with butts! Maybe it’s because my name is Seymore Butts, and I come from a long line of Butts. Or maybe it’s because there’s nothing better than a butt. Or, maybe its more fun to watch a pretty girl walking away from me because then they can’t see me drooling. Yeah, I drool when I see nice butts. And now, I’m going to give youthe chance to drool just like me! Because I found a video camera and I’m going to take you on an adventure in BUTTLAND!

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