That’s My Daughter (1982)

Director: Charles De Santos
Starring: Lisa De Leeuw, John Leslie, Sharon Mitchell, Eric Edwards, Mona, Arcadia Lake, Helga Noir, Alan Adrian, Hershel Savage, Jonathon Younger, Pat Moorehead.
Sexsational excitement and intrigue abounds in this erotic, madcap detective spoof!
Contracted to find a businessman’s estranged daughter, the detective team of Angel and Johnny go through an outrageous series of sexual adventures in the nether world of X-rated films.
Though Johnny has an eye for the ladies, Angel’s a no-holds-barred female who lets nothing get in her way, including any kind of sex with anyone.
Hardened detective fans will find ample action here, including the kind that would have made Sam Spade lose his trenchcoat.

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