Thai Me Up (1997)

Director: Jace Rocker
Starring: Anna, Asia Carrera, Brooke Ashley, Devin DeMoore, Kimi Gee, Lilienne Li, Maya Souls, J.J. Michaels, John Decker, John West, Jonathan Morgan, Julian, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Gail.
The way of the Dragon or Something…
When Kato Kan, a seventies Kung Fu master and movie star is mysteriously killed, private eye extrordinaire and two time Idaho Fung Goo champion Jack Nash is brought in on the case, where he discovers a hotbed of shady characters and diabolical goings on…Will Jack solve the mystery and get his Karate trained hands on Connie & Dena? Will the evil Wing Fat spread murder, mayhem and all manner of evil things all over Bangkok ? Find the answers to these burning questions and see lots of hot steamy oriental sex in this hilarious spoof of the Kung Fu movie craze.

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