Tendre Corinne (1984)

Director: Michel Barny
Starring: Carole Pierac, Cathy Stewart, Claudia van Statt, Alban Ceray, Dany Berger, Ghislain Garet.
One of the disturbingly misogynistic French porn films of the early 80s. It seems to be about rape fantasies acted out.
Carole Pierac is married to Alban Ceray. After giving him a blowjob at the breakfast table, she goes away on a trip. Having a coffee in a bar she is watched by Ghislain Garet who follows her to the toilet and rapes her.
Meanwhile Claudia van Statt arrives at Alban’s apartment and is raped by Alban and Dany Berger, though this might have been a pre-arranged fantasy. Then Cathy Stewart arrives. The men have had no time to recover so she has a g/g session with claudia van Statt until they do. A foursome follows. Claudia does anal in both the threesome and the foursome.
When Carole arrives home Alban is in bed and she remembers her encounter in the toilet while she undresses for him. they then have sex on the bed, including anal.
About 60 minutes long, the typical length of Marc Dorcel films of the early 80s, though no date is given.

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