Ten Little Maidens (1985)

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Lisa De Leeuw, Jamie Gillis, Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas, Janey Robbins, Richard Pacheco, Amber Lynn, Eric Edwards, Kitten Natividad.
Ten Little Maidens’ is a classic of 80s erotica that stars Ginger Lynn in one of her finest performances. She and Harry Reems play a happily married couple who find their wedded bliss interrupted by an offer for an all-expense paid trip to the mysterious Bacchanale Island. The sexual adventurers jump at the chance and are soon swept away on a tide of carnal mayhem. When Ginger and Harry arrive, they find themselves at a decadent dinner party with a few other couples — a dinner party that soon turns into a full-fledged orgy. Afterwards, their enigmatic hosts announces that after having so much fun, all of the guests must pay — with their lives! The flick turns into a wild murder mystery in which deadly intentions and sensual shenanigans lurk around every corner. This flick epitomizes everything that was great about 80s porn, from the cheesy yet effective story to the breathless acting to the white-hot action. Ginger is at her youthful peak, exuding a lusty allure that she lives up to in scene after scene of explosive eroticism. One of the best porn films of the decade, it’s a must-see experience for anyone into feverish fun and atmospheric ecstasy.

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