Temporary Positions (1997)

Director: Toni English
Starring: Janine, Melissa Hill, Laura Palmer, Shanna McCullough, Stephanie Swift, Johnni Black, Kyle Stone, Tricia Devereaux, J.J. Michaels, Vince Voyeur.
Stephanie Swift is a software designer whose creations are revolutionizing the business. She’s brilliant, slightly dull and super horny. She’s also a little repressed, although by film’s end she has thrown off her super ego restraints and indulged herself to the tune of a super sapphic encounter with the sublime Janine. But back to the story: Because she is such a hot item, and because her creations are so successful, somebody is out to steal away Stephanie’s work. The mystery creeps along and deepens as we’re treated to scene after scene of dazzling sex. First there’s Johnni Black, Kyle Stone and Vince Vouyer’s barn-burning triad, which is topped off with a mesmerizing Stone-Black anal sequence. Must-see. Then there’s the aforementioned Stephanie-Janine romp, during which America’s blonde dream girl simply outdoes herself in seducing the previously repressed Swift. A must-see, couples-friendly treat from Vivid Film.

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