Teeny Buns (1978)

Director: Stu Segall
Starring: Nancy Hoffman, Kristine Heller, Donna Ruberman, Judy Harris, Phyllis Wolf, Jerry Barr, John Leslie, Ray Wells.
Whether you like your buns firm, tiny, or bubbly, you’re bound to find buns to love in Buns In The USA. Cindy, Denise, and Jori are three horny college students who use their plentiful assets to cover their tuition. And every sexual transaction these gals pull off is an educational experience. From girl/girl encounters to group grope sessions, these sassy lasses bust their proverbial buns as only cheeky chicks can. All this hot action and more is yours for the grabbing in this uproarious salute to All American sex, Buns In The USA.

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