Teenage Cruisers (1977)

Director: Marc Margulies
Starring: John Holmes, Serena, Christine De Shaffer, Lynn Margulies, William Margold, Jerry Sokorski, Rick Cassidy, Tony Cohn.
The first x-rated rock ‘n roll movie ever made. Teenage Cruisers transcends three decades, taking the viewer on an erotic tour through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It is an interesting, highly arousing and extremely funny adventure. A group of high school kids out cruising the main street of their town, come upon a series of sexual scams, including a breasty bake-off and a live donkey show. Meanwhile, a beautiful young nut named Babsy Beaudine escapes from a mental asylum and kidnaps a bewildered professor named Flinch. At the same time, a man is gobbled up in a pool, a guy named Johnny comes home to his love (super star Serena) and an on-the-skin reporter goes bonkers. All of this insane action is embraced by Rockabilly, a goat that eats pebbles. You’ll have to change your thinking.

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