Teacher’s Pet 2 (1995)

Starring: Catherine Kelly, Nadia Nice, Satin Sheets, Rodney Moore, Kimberly Kyle, Guy DiSilva, Wolf Savage, Alex Dane, Rodney Moore.
Lesson 2a:
Sexy, sultry Nadia arrives home in a very erotic mood. She teases her frippy French maid, Katherine and toys with her while she tidies up. Soon Katherine drops her feather duster and touge0dusts Nadia’s sweet pussy. After returning the favor, Nadia gets naughty and puts on a big strap-on, and after Katherine licks it wet, she shoves it deep up Katherine’s pussy. They both climax, and Nadia sends Katherine back to her chores.
Lesson 2b:
Satin is a super blonde with nice real tits and a really nice butt. Rodney likes licking her all over, and she in turn likes sucking and slobbering all over his cock. How many positions can they fuck in? Enough for Rodney to work up a super big load to shoot all over Satin’s face and into her eager mouth.
Lesson 2c:
Blonde, busty and bugged Kymberly is an aerobics instructor teaching a special course. She’s teaching two black studs how to build stamina in different sexual positions. The guys really get the hang of it when Kymberly demonstrates each position and the importance of proper form. She uses the “hands on” and “cocks in” training technique, and the guys show they’re good students by giving her a double cum facial.
Lesson 2d:
Alexis wants to learn how to be a good submissive lover, so Rodney shows her how to suck cock just the way he likes it. She loves to please, and is ready to fuck in any position he wants. She’s even ready to please him by letting him put his penis in her delectable asshole (but not before lubing it up thoroughly with his tongue). She deserves a reward, a big Rodney blast all over her face.

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