Tasty (1985)

AKA: Hyapatia Lee’s Tasty
Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Karen Summer, Stacey Donovan, Kristara Barrington, Ashley Welles, Gail Force, Gina Carrera, Patti Petite, Mike Horner, Jesse Eastern, Steve Drake, Sasha Gabor, Steve Powers, Scott Irish.
When the ratings slip at radio KNUT, deejay Tasty Tastems (Hyapatia Lee) switches to all-sex radio! She’s determined to get her listeners off, over the airwaves, with sex toy ads, sizzling phone calls, and hooker traffic reports. Horny late-night deejay Dr. Fermento gives an on-the-air meat injection to carnal contest winner Karen Summer while later some phone callers do the most ass-pounding things ever for thousands of amorous listeners. Finally, Tasty takes her heartthrob deejay home, shows him her rock video (“Hit Me With Your Wet Shot”), and opens up to the willing stud. The ratings explode, and so will you with Tasty’s raunchy radio revival. That’s…MMM…MMM…GOOD.

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