Tania Et Les Filles En Noir (2000)

AKA: Pretty In Black
Director: Jurgen Woolf
Starring: Dolly Golden, Angelik as Angelique, Krystal De Boor, Laura Guerlin, Kristine Lovely, Jessica May, Rumika Power as Ruminka Powers, Nicole Taylor, Kelly, Robert Rosenberg, Pascal St James, Bruno SX, Titof, Tristan, Philippe Dean.
Constantly humiliated selfish and cruel husband, Tanya confided his great friend Marina, a luxurious blonde with long hair, always dressed in black leather. Tanya Marina offers to join her team, made up of young women, offended or just aggressive indifference of their husbands. Members of the group are taking revenge for their husbands marital troubles without limitation indulging in the most daring sexual games with different, often quite accidental, men and women. Seduced by his girlfriend, Tanya is not slow, and falls into a pool of depravity.

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