Tangled (1994)

Starring: Tina Tyler, Nina Hartley, Tiffany Million, Devon Shire, Ona Zee, Ariana, Mike Horner, Tony Tedeschi, Jesse Eastern, Luke Wilder, Frank Zee, Teri Diver, Laurie Cameron.
Mike Horner stars in and directs this monument to artfully crafted erotica and adult-film allegory. Horner stars as a man bound by his own hang-ups, represented by a fishnet in which he is entangled. He roams around the landscape of his own subconscious, looking for women to free him. The irony, is, of course, that only he can free himself. Along the way, Mike encounters such steamy sexual archetypes as depraved blonde cheerleader Tyffany Million, who hikes up her skirt and gets wild with Jessie Eastern. Then Mike stumbles into the forest clearing in which a group of Bacchus worshipers are about to launch into an orgy. They don’t let Mike’s presence distract them, and deliver one of the hottest group scenes ever filmed. A must see for lovers of ambitious, cerebral erotica.

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