Tammi Ann Is Just A Girl (1996)

Starring: Tammi Ann, Caressa Savage, CortKnee, Missy.
Well- like the title says- I am “Just a girl”! When Al Borda asked me to start an all girl line- I was very excited. After several years in this business- I noticed that no company has a line with the girls doing what they want to do- not some old director with S&M thoughts! I started shooting these scenes a long time ago- but don’t worry- none of these scenes have ever been shown before. Being the clever cute girl that I am- I came up with a new twist — I would direct the scenes while being in them. So if you were bummed by my retirement- don’t be! All these scenes were captured before that sad dark day. But don’t let my retirement sadden you- I’m naked and only this box is covering me. Watch it and jerking off will come naturally.

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