Talk Dirty To Me 5 (1987)

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: John Leslie, Tracey Adams, Joey Silvera, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane, Nikki Knights, Alex Greco, John Martin, Robert Bullock, Howard Darkley, Ona Zee, Cris Cassidy.
This edition of the series finds John Leslie reprising his classic role, but this time he starts the flick off in a hospital bed. It seems that he has amnesia and can’t remember a thing about himself. Shapely therapist Tracey Adams tries to help him recover his memories, but Leslie is more excited about youthful nurse Shanna McCullough. Shanna treats him to a steamy romp right there in his hospital bed, proving that sometimes it takes hands-on therapy to truly heal. Eventually, Leslie becomes a sort of hospital ward Romeo, trysting with everyone from head nurse Sharon Kane to lesbian neighbor Nikki Knights. Meanwhile, his daft buddy Lenny (Joey Silvera) is enjoying lusty liaisons with his own busty beauty. The whole thing moves towards an explosive finale, in which Leslie’s sex-positive approach to life ends up encouraging everyone to do their own thing. This is first-rate porn, filled with gorgeous all-natural young women, funny dialogue, fine acting and plenty of pulse-pounding, endlessly passionate trysts. Shanna and Tracey turn in the performances of their lives, while Leslie serves as the solid centerpiece around which all the amorous action flows. ‘Talk Dirty to Me #5’ ranks among the best hardcore features of its era, and still holds up today as a showcase for some sinfully sexy sirens and their wanton ways.

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