Talk Dirty To Me 4 (1987)

Director: Ned Morehead
Starring: Taija Rae, John Leslie, Kimberly Carson, Joey Silvera, Shanna McCullough, Nikki Randall, Lisa Melindez, Kristara Barrington, Vanessa D’Oro, Crystal Breeze.
The hot and horny mermaid from ‘Talk Dirty To Me #3’ returns, but this time she’s brought along some of her sister mermaids to sample the salacious sins of the Big City. Unfortunately, the city water becomes poisonous to them and they must return home. Alas, buxom mermaid Vanessa D’Oro’s quest for sexual gratification has led her astray. The mermaids seek out Jack, her original tutor in torrid titillation, to help them track down the wayfaring waif. Jack soon finds himself in another sensual series of encounters with both mermaids and real women. In the end, the mermaids get what’s coming to them — and then some. They might not make it back to the water, but they still manage to stay plenty wet!

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