Swinging Sorority (1974)

Director: Don Trendall
Starring: Anne Marie, Cindy Wilson, Susie Carlson, Flora McIntosh, Donna Hart, Andrea Michaels, Wendy Sanders, Robert Fantini, Rick Cassidy, Tom White, Michael London.
Ever wonder what really goes on in a college sorority house overflowing with the most beautiful , most high spirited and most available young women who ever graced a campus anywhere? Well, we can’t guarantee that SWINGING SORORITY will show you the way it actually is, but it will definitely be everything you ever fantasized it would be.
Meet Mary Beth, blonde, gorgeous and incredibly naïve, and Chris, a stunner with a passion for mind-boggling go-go dancing at the local campus hangout. And then there are Norma, Karen, Randy and “4-eyes” the bookworm who turns into the most enticing butterfly of them all. Singing Sorority is a joyful, sex-filled, uninhibited romp combining beauty, sensuality and fun into one unforgettable bombshell of a film.

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