Sweet Surrender (1980)

Director: Dirk Milford
Starring: Samantha Fox, Clea Carson, Merle Michaels, Heater Young, Veri Knotty, Roger Caine, David Morris.
With his book on sexual con-men finally completed, York Madison seeks a publisher to make his fortune. When the publisher turns out to be a woman, he is apprehensive knowing that the subject matter might prove to be distasteful to her. However, he is elated as she seems to show great interest in his work. He happily relates the contents of his book, which essentially explores sexual exploitation of women by men. The publisher throws herself at Mr. Madison right in her office. A wild and wet scene follows and the hope of success is not the only thing that is rising on York Madison! We won’t tell what happens at the climax, but at least this can be said; Mr. Madison is back pounding the pavement in search of a new publisher…

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