Supersluts Of Wrestling (1986)

Starring: Michaels Marilyn, Trinity Loren, Brittany Stryker, Blonie, Mary Moon, Frank James, Tony Romano.
Thousands of young and beautiful women try to make it in the glitz capital of the world. A crafty scientist thinks he has the answer for his voluptuously sexy girlfriend. A serum that will turn her into a super powerful champion in the lucrative and attention getting world of oil wrestling. Before he has a change to inject her with his miracle fluid, another female wrestler steals it for herself. But instead of developing the physical prowess to win over all contenders, the serum turns her into a voracious, non-stop sexual animal. Then comes the big night where the scientist’s girlfriend and the sex crazed tigress clash for the championship. What a sight! Oil soaked glistening bodies, tussling, clawing, pulling, biting, mauling, wrestling for the coveted prize. The crowd goes wild!

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