Summer School (1979)

Director: Godfrey Daniels
Starring: Aaron Stuart, Lisa K. Loring, Shirley Woods, Laurien Dominique, Pat Manning, Lysa Thatcher, Don Fernando, Jon Martin, Gary Linden, Ken Scudder, Jack Amberg, Eric Stein.
Jamie, a virginal high school senior, says good-bye to her boyfriend and again refuses sex before leaving for a private girls’ boarding school. Jamie would like to join her friends’ sorority, but is unsure of the initiation which involves love-making. She witnesses teachers getting it on with students, students with janitors, students with students. Jamie learns sex is a very popular sport and has an awakening experience with a girlfriend in the shower. Now ready for her initiation, she finds out it is to involve school, Professor Donahue. Jamie accepts the challenge and rehearses with the school’s star football player. Jamie is a real pro with Prof and is the master in his bedroom. Jamie becomes the head sister of her sorority, and takes charge. When the principal brings up a new curfew restriction, Jamie steps into his office and leans over, very close…”Now what’s all this about new rules?”

No Pass

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