Summer Of ’72 (1982)

AKA: Heisser Sommer
Director: Louis Lewis
Starring: Loni Sanders, Lisa De Leeuw, Bridgette Monet, Tara Aire, Annette Haven, Richard Pacheco, Paul Thomas, Ginger, Nicole Black, David Cannon, Jamine Malibu, Mike Horner.
This classic ranks as one of the best plot-driven porn flicks ever made. Paul Thomas and Richard Pacheco star as a pair of Idaho college students who drive down for spring break in sunny Southern California. The guys are quite a contrast — Paul is a lady killing stud who always ends up with a girl, while Richard is a virginal wallflower who merely dreams of getting women. The fun starts when the guys stumble across delectable Loni Sanders, Tara Aire and Nicole Black playing around on the beach. They all go back to the gals’ place, where Loni and Paul end up hooking up in a steamy, sensual scorcher. Meanwhile, Tara and Nicole try to seduce Richard — but when that doesn’t work, they settle for a lusty lesbian liaison. The next day, while Paul is at a local brothel getting down and dirty with buxom Lisa De Leeuw, Richard wanders along the beach and meets gorgeous Annette Haven. Their mutual attraction leads them into one another’s arms in one of porn’s most romantic couplings. Filled with stunning performers, breathtaking scenery and a well-crafted plot, ‘Summer of 72’ is one of the best hardcore flicks you’ll ever find. It’s an old school breath of fresh air that will remind you of what porn can attain with a little bit of intelligence and care.

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