Stupid Cupid (2000)

Starring: Stacy Valentine, Shelbee Myne, Keisha, Heather Lynn, Mark Davis, Kyle Stone, Steve Hatcher, Pat Myne, Dillion Day.
In this light-hearted, couples-friendly feature, Kyle Stone plays Cupid as a drunken, somewhat incompetent dolt who messes up as many relationships as he helps. The flick begins with Cupid lazing around drunkenly on a cloud, only to be reprimanded by Jupiter for slacking off. He heads down to Earth to help bring some folks together, and that’s when the real fun begins. Dillion Day plays a mean business exec who forces his secretary Stacy Valentine to work even though she had planned a day with her beau in the woods. Cupid puts an end to that, though, shooting Dillion with an arrow and driving him into a heated tryst with porn legend Keisha. Meanwhile, Stacy enjoys some salacious fun with Mark Davis. The action then moves to an office party, where Cupid fires a couple more arrows into the crowd. This leads sexy Shelbee Myne into a steamy lesbian coupling with Keisha — and sends everyone else at the bash into their various corners for some down and dirty dilly-dallying. In the end, Cupid gets his powers taken away — but Stacy thanks him anyway, in the best and bawdiest way she can think of. This is good plot-driven porn, never taking itself seriously while delivering plenty of powerfully passionate encounters.

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