Strip Search (1995)

Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Starring: Ariana, Luc Wylder, Ariana, Felecia, Kaylan Nicole, Amanda Addams, Colt Steel, Selena, Brick Majors.
A fairly decent vehicle for then contract girl Kaylan Nicole. I believe this might have been shot on film and it boasts decent production values although it is mostly shot in a studio with basic interiors as sets. The story is simple and drives the action. Colt Steele is put on the job of finding Kaylan’s missing boyfriend. What he finds leads him and us to believe the boyfriend is imaginary. This film is noteworthy for a rare Kaylan anal scene which I am still not convinced is real. Possibly a stunt butt was used as we see the anal from only one camera angle(underneath). This makes identification difficult as we can not even see Kaylan’s trademark “lips” tattoo near that region. Other than that it does look like Kaylan’s butt. Since this will be the number one point of interest for future renters I should mention that the scene itself is only average and probably not worth the bother unless you are a big Kaylan fan. Plus the stud plugging her fanny in the scene is not Peter North, not Tommy Byron, not Rocco, but little dick Colt Steele.

No Pass

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