Story Of Lou Ravage (2008)

Director: Hervé Bodilis
Starring: Bob Terminator, Cristina Bella, Evan Rochelle, Ian Scott, James Brossman, JPX, Lou Ravage, Natalli DiAngelo, Renata Black, Sofia Valentine.
My name is Lou Ravage. I am twenty-eight and I am French. I had my first sexual relation when I was eighteen. Since then, sexe is a second nature for me, a challenge, a pleasure but also a way to discover myself ». This is the way Lou expresses herself. This charming young lady, with a perfect body, is totally bisexual. Gotten in condition by two gorgeous women whom the agile tongs and fingers go into her intimity, she then enjoys silmutaneously vaginal and anal penetrations thanks to very well manipulated didldos. Males are not neglected. With them, the beauty devotes herself to fellatio and enjoys suave cunnilingus soon followed by anal masturbation , repeated sodomies and a string of double penetrations. But the girls come back and impose their law sinking a huge dildo into her demanding anus.

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