Storie Di Ordinaria Follia (1999)

AKA: Prisonnieres Du Vice
Director: Marco Trevi
Starring: Deborah Wells, Judith Kostner, Nelly as Marzia Lippi, Nikki Anderson, Reka Pallister, Ursula Cavalcanti, Reinhard, Bruno Sx, Zenza Raggi, Horst Bosch.
A range of short stories with a common theme: Be it man or woman, all these jailbirds have been caught at pretty hot sex-play. The nymphomaniac lady in the first story suffers from a serious hormonal jam between her legs and is admitted to the high security psych-ward because of her immense sexual urge. The young randy priest abuses a sweet blonde sinner, shuffling around on her knees. A tramp is ravished by a femme-fatale in a dark alley and is sent down for public indecency. The road from lust into the penal system is paved with raunchy action…

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