Stewardesses Behind Bars (1994)

Starring: Veronica Brazil, Jasmine Aloha, Chante, Marilyn Martyn, Michael J. Cox, Rick Masters, Dan Steele.
Jasmine Aloha and Veronica Brazil are a pair of stewardesses making the skies a little friendlier on the air routes between South America and the U.S. They each look as though they have a pair of carry-ons stowed in their blouses, and they bounce and giggle up and down the isles, leading passengers and crew back to the lavatory to initiate them into the Mile High Club. But then tragedy strikes. The girls are set up by some drug smuggling desperados and set away to the big house. Curses! they say. No more buff and blond first-classers to frolic with in the luggage hold. But then they discover that their penitentiary is not only full of gorgeous chicks, but is also home to some very manly corrections officers. The girls soon make themselves at home and live happily ever after. Veronica is spicy Brazilian sensuality personified here, and her thoroughly decadent antics make this feature a must-see treat.

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