Starbangers 2 – Dominique Simone (1993)

Director: John T. Bone
Starring: Domonique Simone, Alex Sanders, F.M. Bradley, Blake Palmer, Terry Thomas, Jeff Scott, Damian Wolf, Damien Zeus, Dent Westwood.
Dominique Simone is horny tonight, but what’s new. Oh sure, she’s got lots of guys just dying to come on over and fulfill her needs — she is, after all, one of the reigning queens of black porn and as sexy a blue-movie diva as there is on either side of the color divide. Trouble is, no matter how hard they try, none of the Cocky young bloods is every fully able to scratch Dom’s itch. And so it looks like it’s gonna be yet another long, horny night for Ms. Simone. But then Blake Palmer shows up, and since Dom has always kinda liked him, they get busy. Then another guy shows up, and another. Soon there are eight strapping hunks just dying to have at Dominique, and it looks as though our heroine’s libido may have met its match. It’ll leave you quivering.

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