St X-Where 1 (1986)

Director: Jonathan Burroughs
Starring: Tiffany Blake, Jerry Butler, Carolyn Connolly, Danielle, Jesse Eastern, Porsche Lynn, Nikki Randall, Joey Silvera, Shone Taylor.
Need some racy reviving? Play dead and see how nurse Grace (lustfully portrayed by the luscious Danielle) tries to pump and inject some life into you. And you never saw Doctors “operate” so sensually and skillfully as they do on nurses Sue Ann and Pinkley (who are really the incredible Porsche Lynn and Tiffany Blake under their white uniforms). If you’re lucky you may be part of the mind blowing climaxes where pill-popping interns, disorderly orderlies and angels of sexual mercy join in, to make the whole horny hospital vibrate with their special type of erotic cures.

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