Spitfire (1984)

Director: Cecil Howard
Starring: Samantha Fox, Tigr, Annie Sprinkle, Rikki Harte, Gail Sterling, Sharon Mitchell, Susan Nero, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, R. Bolla, Michael Morrison, Barry Black.
A beautiful woman follows a horny stranger to his hotel. She seduces him into outrageous acts of passion. With their lust momentarily quieted, she tells him a story: The Senator is under pressure. He thinks only of hot, smutty sex. But he wants to suppress it! His campaign slogan is: “Button up your pants!” He snaps at his slithery wife & side-dips with his secretary, whose cup size rivals the M-X missile. The senator has a golden-haired daughter. This delectable young nymph is a wildcat in heat. Thru her bedroom pass the mayor, daddy’s press agent, a sizzling sex therapist and the bouncing secretary. The little darling’s hot, versatile, & delicious … and it’s driving the Senator nuts! Besides, his hands are fill bribing a crooked Washington aide, playing hide-and-seek with a luscious pair of reporters, and surprising his wife in a scene involving a devious hypnotist & the wild blonde wife of the governor. Exhausted, the Senator takes to his bed, and to the most stunning nurse ever! She gets him up… just in time for his prime-time address… And that’s when it happens. Would a hot, blonde, adorable young thing take advantage of her daddy in public? She sure would. She’s a real… Spitfire.

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