Spellbound (2000)

Director: Brad Armstrong
Starring: Temptress, Jessica Drake, Alexa Rae, Devinn Lane, Chris Cannon, Hershel Savage, Randy Spears, Devin Wolf, George Kaplan, Ron Vogel, Darren Jones, Carol Cummings.
When a book of ancient spells falls into the hands of three friends, something very wicked follows. Sylvia, Diane and Julie run a second hand bookstore that has fallen on some hard times, and the girls find themselves very close to being evicted by their weasely landlord Michael. One day a mysterious man sells them his collection of antique books. These books turn out to be full of spells with the power to create intense desire in others. Using the power of the spells the girls go in search of fulfilling their every fantasy with their boyfriends, neighbors, and each other. With the hottest combinations and an erotically engaging storyline, Spellbound is another must-see hardcore feature from Wicked. Spellbound marks the first time Wicked’s newest contract girls Alexa, Temptress, and Devinn Lane have appeared together in a film, an event that no fan should miss.

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