South Of The Border (1976)

Starring: Debbie Truelove, Andrea True, Clair James, Helen Madigan, Clay Hyde, Pete Baldy Porter, Jim Holliday, Jamie Gillis, Nina Fausse.
There’s nothing quite like a hot-blooded Latina lust bunny to spice up your dull sex life. Whether you’re bilingual or just cunnilingual, you’ll find plenty of bodacious babes willing and able to speak the international language of lust in this lasciviously loco video romp! Take Maria, for example. To her, every man is a potential amigo. Then there’s Carlotta, a sexy stripper who warms up for her ‘muy caliente’ on-stage antics by joining her fans in some pre-show passion. That’s not to mention two hot-to-trot stewardesses, who discover that you don’t need an airplane to go around the world. And that’s just the beginning of all the dirty, decadent delights that await you — South of the Border!

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