Sound Of Love (1981)

Director: Alan Vydra
Starring: Loni Sanders, Jessie St. James, Annette Haven, Misty Regan, Herschel Savage, Gini Rath, Sondra Law, Mindy Cole, Melody C. Rogers, Mike Horner, Gerald Kohen, Rick Ardo.
If you like to hear Annette Haven and several other ladies reach a climax, this one deserves a collector’s choice. The only male star, Don Hart, takes care of all the females. Seems that Annette’s husband, Richard, a musician, never takes care of her properly in bed, but with a $3 million sound studio, he’s determined to capture the sound of human orgasm. Richard, hires Don Hart to tap telephones and generally bug the premises of nice young ladies so that he can record their climaxes. In one scene Annette and Jesie St. James make very romantic bisexual love after Jesie has been rejected by Annette’s husband. Finally, when Richard discovers that Annette is having the ultimate in noisy climaxes with Don Hart, he suddenly gets jealous and does just what he promised to do in the beginning. He blows the house, the studio and everybody to kingdom come.

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