Sorority Cheerleaders (1996)

Director: Jim Gunn
Starring: Kaitlyn Ashley, Tabitha Stevens, Vince Voyeur, Alex Sanders, Sindee Coxx, Sid Deuce, Jay Ashley.
Alex Sanders is the big man on campus here, complete with the seriously sexy sorority-girl steady, Kaitlyn Ashley, and a doubly-delectable honey on the side, Sid Deuce. But things tend to swing back on guys like Alex, and before he knows it, he’s up to his varsity letter in tee’d-off coeds. Before that happens, however, Alex enjoys a killer boff session with Kaitlyn that’ll have you cursing the day you decided you were an individual, damnit, and weren’t going to join a frat. And Mr. Sanders’ rude and rapacious roughhousing with Sid Deuce’s really remarkable rump will cause you to star drooling on your remote. Finally, Tabitha Stevens and Sindee Coxx launch into a lesbian mauling of one another’s delicate girl parts that’s as captivating as a wall of razor wire.

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