SodoMania 27 – The Error Of My Ways (1998)

Starring: Nikki Anderson, Melory, Rachael Teez, Mina, Kary Evers, Eva Black, Blondie Anderson, Alex Sanders, Ferenc Juhac, John Walton, Marc Davis, Zora Banks, Monica Cameron.
Doctor please, my eyes have seen the error of my ways. Here in Sodomania 27, we join a gentleman (Al Seimers) who experiences a rather severe case of dementia. You’ll see him hospitalized for the deafening injuries suffered from an ill timed match – yet, in the end, our victim seems to suffer in a way we’d all be happy to suffer in his stead. Anals and se-crazed nurses are but a small sampling of the bizarre goings on in Sodomania 27.

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