Sodomania 26 – Squirm Sockets (1998)

Starring: Nikki Blue, Szilvia, Angie, Natalyn, Eva Black, Najna, Monica Cameron, Nikki Anderson, Ferenc Juhac, Joe, John Walton, Mike Foster, Nick Lang.
In the past I have used Sodomania Series as a vehicle to introduce new talent and unusual situations to you. This Sodomania is no different! Sandwiched between some of the hottest and filthiest performances ever, we introduce ‘Angie’, a gorgeous Euro-Penthouse cover girl in our first softcore scene. She doesn’t take it on camera, but she gives all you need with her incredible squirming performance…On the lighter side al Seimers, traumatized as a child, and suffering from spells of TML (Temporary Memory Loss), finds himself in the difficult situation of having beautiful women taken complete advantage of him, whether he knows it or not, he seems to like it…definitely for you asshole connoisseurs! 5 anals and 7 centerfold quality girls in over 2 hours of extra ordinary smut.

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