Sodom & Gamorra (1997)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Amanda Steel, Kelly Trump, Kristina Varga, Maria Papp, Maria Bellucci, Mary Eleniak, Regina Sipos, Sylvia Ross, Ursula Moore, Frank Gun, Hakan, John Walton, Mike Foster.
While enjoying the company of their beautiful wives (Kelly Trump, Sylvia Ross), two Sidonians (Frank Gun, Mark Foster) are kinapped by female warrior guards and brought to the court of the queen of Gamorra (Maria Papp), where they have to prove their sexual prowess. Meanwhile, the Sidonian wives are trying to enlist the help of the king of Sodom, and a grizzled soothsayer predicts the destruction of the cities by a fiery volcano that keeps rumbling menacingly in the distance.

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