Snow White & 7 Dwarfs (1995)

AKA: Biancaneve E I Sette Nani
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Judith Vegh, Julia Larot, Nicolette Lars, Ursula Moore, Vicca, Thomas Santini, Panther, Attila Schuster, John Walton, Julian St. Jox, Santino Lee, Sean Michaels, Franco Roccaforte, Zoltan.
Once upon a time a bad Queen, was pretending to be the most beautiful woman of the kingdom. but her young step daughter, Snow White, was really better…The rage of the bad Queen became very hard, so she decide to eliminate the sweet Snow White for ever! The man hunter who should have to kill the girl, didn’t execute the misfit, because the beauty and innocence of Snow White.

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