Slow Burn (1991)

Director: Michael Craig
Starring: Ashlyn Gere, K.C. Williams, Buster Cheri, Rayne, Mike Horner, Sharon Kane, Steve Drake.
Ashlyn Gere is a rich, controlling woman who is looking for a new he-man to run her health spa. When Buster Cheri shows up for an interview, she explains that although she doesn’t mess with the help, she has to test his sexual endurance, and so she calls her lovely assistant into the room. Seems the rich ladies have to like their trainer to be able to relieve sexual tension as well as the muscle knots they work up counting all of their money. Buster passes his test with flying colors, but we can tell he took offense at the fact that his new boss was too hoity-toity to try him out herself. After plenty of sexual servicing at the spa, Buster gets his chance to get even when Ashlyn’s old lover Mike Horner comes over and blind folds her for a kinky threesome featuring guess who.

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